8 Beach Getaways

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Looking for a nice beach getaway to add to your vacation list? Check out 8 Beach Getaways
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Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Near Puerto Vallarto, this getaway is filled with history and all inclusive resorts. This is an unspoiled region that stays under everyone’s radar.
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Guadeloupe and Martinque

Known for its music and having some of the French’s most finest products, Martinque is one of the Caribbean’s most enchanting destinations. Guadeloupe is sought after and its an affordable alternative to St. Barth.
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The Philippines

Friendly and English speaking, the Phillipines are beautiful. There are 7,000 islands that offer plenty of beach experiences including private island treats.
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Sicily has about 600 miles of coastlines of sandy beaches, peebly coves, seaside resorts and nature preserves.
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Emerald Coast, Ecaudor

This getaway borders Columbia. It’s a rustic alternative to other beach destinations. There is hiking, jungle exploration and whale watching.
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Guam has perfect year-round temperatures, amazing white beaches and gentle waves. There are festivals and several cultural events such as Guam BBQ Block Party and the Shop Guam Festival.
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San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian is one of the Spain’s most popular cities. It’s also known for La Concha beach. They also have amazing bars and restaurants and an annual film festival.
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Bryon Bay, Australia

Bryon Bay has fab beaches along with a relaxed style that wins over anyone who stays there. Check out Watego’s Beach.
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