8 Reasons Why You Simply Must Come To New York

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New York – The Big Apple. If there’s a center of the Universe, this is it. The lifestyle, the restaurants, the fashion, Times Square, the Empire State building, Central Park, Jay Z, the TV / movie locations, the Yankees, the Knicks (ok, well not the Knicks. Not now anyway to those bunch of losers) – but New York’s got everything anyone could ever want and more.
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You Can Reinvent Yourself

When you get away, you not only get away from your surroundings – but you also get to get away from yourself. You know, the office you. The comes home after work and watches Netflix all night you. The side of you everyone knows, but you wish they saw the other. And that’s what’s so great about New York, you can be anything you want – or be yourself fully. New York is the most culturally diverse city in the world, which means anything goes. When you get ready to go to New York, you must also get ready to go all-out on you.
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The Bartenders

Sure, the bartender at your local dive knows you by name. But don’t be so sure he makes the best drinks in the world or can psychoanalyze your current first world problems. When you go to New York, you’re not just going to the best city in the world – but also – the most competitive. So you can be damn sure that the bartenders there will serve you unlike any other. They don’t just make you a drink – they perform. They don’t just make small talk – they unlock answers to the big questions you have in your life. They’re essentially therapists that serve drinks. And that’s not bad for $12, plus tip.
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Professional Opportunities

Think you’re just going to New York for a visit? Nuh-uh. Let us remind you again, New York is the most competitive city in the world. And if you’re a career oriented guy / gal – then New York is where you want to be if you want to be at the top of your game. Be it a banker, real estate agent, creative director, whatever… New York is where the best of the best go to work. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself asking your boss for a transfer, and end up staying here forever.
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No More Running Into Your Past

Often we don’t think about it, but our home town is a minefield. Littered with exes, crappy ex-colleagues and bosses, along with a whole host of really bad decisions we’ve made over the years. The longer you live somewhere, the more places you accumulate that trigger some very sh*tty emotions. But not in New York. If you’ve never been, every place is good to go. And if you decide to move, you can “F”up all you want because it’s so big, you’ll never have to worry.
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The Largest Dating Pool

It’s no coincidence the hit HBO show, Sex and the City was filmed in New York. It’s dating scene is second to none. New York not only has the most people, but it also has the most diversity. You can literally date every race, creed, and color you want there. Go for Chinese one night, Jamaican the next. Just make sure you have a good data plan, cause your Tinder there will be blowing up!
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Knowing The City via Its Food

Pizza, hot dogs, burgers, Chinese take-out, fine dining – no one does it better than New York. The city is just as famous for its restaurants as it is anything else. Heck, even if you don’t like the food, you can be sure you’re sitting in the same spot some famous show or movie was filmed in. Remember Tom’s from Seinfeld? A booth there with 3 of your best friends is worth the price of admission alone.
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Visits From Family And Friends

Find that your friends and family don’t come around too often these days? Sure, everyone’s busy. But sadly, people can’t be bothered either. But should you become so taken by New York that you decide to move to there, don’t be surprised at how much more you see your family and friends. Don’t get too excited now, it’s not about you – but when you live in New York, people will be finding reasons to visit it … errr… we mean you.
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Feeling Accomplished

“I’ve never been to New York” no more. Now when people talk about travel, you can join in on the New York conversation, and proudly tell the tales of your good time there. When you realize how many people in the world will never get to experience New York first hand, you appreciate the privilege and opportunity you’ve had. New York is one of those cities that stays with you the rest of your life. And that’s quite an accomplishment.
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