Cafés Around The World That Let You Eat With Animals

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I don’t know about you, but when I get away – I want to get away from it all. My job, my city, and most of all – away from annoying people. Yes, I’m one of those people that has that bumper sticker on my car that says “Dogs are better than people.” So when I heard that there are cafés and restaurants in this world that allow you to eat with animals – I instantly got some serious travel goals. If any of this sounds appetizing to you, then check out and visit the following places in foreign countries that let you dine with pets.
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Harry Café

Home to Tokyo, Japan, Harry Café let’s you play with a hedgehog while you eat. In fact the word “Harry”, is similar to harinezumi, which in Japanese means hedgehog. And yet more proof the Japanese are odd balls, albeit harry spiky ones.
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Maison de Moggy

The next time you’re in Edinburgh, why not dine with some friendly felines at the Maison de Moggy. Make sure to reserve well in advance, as this place will be booked fur sure. Pardon the pun.
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Huskitory Café

While this is known more for a pet supply shop. Huskitory Café in Malacca, Malaysia is also a place where you can feed yourself, along with a bunch of friendly huskies that call this café home.
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Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Not sure what it is about London, but cat cafés are the latest craze – like Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London, United Kingdom. This is the premiere spot for high tea, with cats that watch you from high atop the café’s shelves.
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Bark Bunnies Café

The next time you’re hoping around in Subang Jaya, Malaysia, why not hop over to the Bark Bunnies Café and have some tea with some hoppy bunnies? This place is a wildly popular tourist destination.
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Meow Parlour

If cats have nine lives, than the Meow Parlous in Manhattan, New York always has at least nine cats on hand that you can pet while you enjoy some patisserie and other sweet treats.
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Yokohama Reptile Café

If you’re more the “cold-blooded” type, than check out the Yokohama Reptile Café on your next visit to, where else – Yokohama, Japan. There you’ll find seating beside snakes, lizards, geckos, and even turtles. Bon Salmonella, people.
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La Gatoteca

Crazy about cats and still haven’t seen a cat Café that matches your next destination? Then should you find yourself in Madrid, Spain, you’ve always got La Gatoteca to tickle you feline fancy feast.
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Inu Machi Café

Since Shiba Inus are the official dog of Asia, it only makes sense that the Inu Machi Café in Bangkok, Thailand would be full of them. They’re extremely friendly and make great dinner companions, when they’re not begging for food that is
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Le Café Des Chats

“But wait, I’m going to Paris, France!” you say, wondering where you’ll find a cat café while you’re there. Not to worry Madame, Le Café Des Chats is right up your alley, down an alley full of alley cats.
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Fukuro no Mise

Something tells me the Japanese are more into pets than people too, as they have the most pet Cafés on this list. This one here hosts more interesting wild life, such as owls for dinner companions.
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Sakuragaoka Café

Yup, Japan – again. Sakuragaoka Café here in Tokyo, unlike other places, serves full course meals, to which you can dine on while in the company of goats and other unusual animals.
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