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When you travel somewhere, many guides will give you a list of “Dos” and “Don’ts”. Some places don’t want you spitting in the street. Others, don’t allow photos on certain sites. Others still, strongly suggest you don’t drink the water. Well if you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you should be prepared for quite a long list of “don’ts”. Here they are.
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Don’t Drink The Water

It’s almost as if people are born knowing this one. But in case you weren’t … the water in Mexico isn’t clean to drink and can make you very sick, ruining your vacation. Buy bottled water to drink, and, brush your teeth with.
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Skip The Ice

So you heard the water warning and decided to order a Coke instead … with ice. People make this mistake all the time, and pay for it dearly. Just a reminder, ice is made of water. Skip it.
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Don’t Overdo It On The Food

Far too many a tourists fall trap to the low low food prices in Mexico. This is especially so at the all-inclusive buffets. Just be careful, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, or, spicy salsas, creamy sauces, cheesy dishes, etc.
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Beware Of Chiles

Mexico is famous for their spices. But beware, the chiles in Mexico are not like the one’s back home, as they’re so hot, chefs have to wear gloves just to handle them. Here’s a pro-tip: the smaller the chile, the hotter its bite.
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Not Everyone Speaks English

I don’t know what it is about some people, but it’s as if they expect everyone in the world to speak English. Well in Mexico, aside for those that work in the tourist industry, you’re going to get spoken to in Spanish. So pack a guidebook or a Spanish For Dummies Audiobook, Señor.
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Don’t Accept The First Price

When in Mexico, you’ll want to visit the local markets. They’re full of great handmade tchotchkes that make for great souvenirs. But don’t pay the first price. Mexico is a place where you can drive a hard bargain. So don’t spend a lot and negotiate a little.
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Don’t Carry Large Bills

Unlike many American shops, the Mexicans don’t usually carry a floater of small change. Street vendors, shops, taxi drivers – they won’t be able to break your $100 bill. So when you arrive, break your bills into smaller ones.
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Don’t Hail Cabs In Mexico City

Mexico City cabbies unfortunately carry quite the bad rap. There have been robberies, kidnappings, fare hiking, and other schemes that just don’t make it worth your while. So how is one to get around? Have your hotel arrange a driver for you. You’ll get a more reputable, albeit more expensive, one instead.
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Don’t Say Estupido

I know it sounds funny, but to the Mexicans, it’s no laughing matter. It may be all fun and games to call your friends “stupid”, but the Spanish version “estupido” isn’t the same. To them, it’s a four-letter word that’ll land you in a lot of trouble if you say it in their direction. So don’t be stupid-o.
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Don’t Get Your Tan In One Day

Remember how we told you Mexican chiles are hotter than American ones? Well same goes for the sun. It’s hotter in Mexico, and if you’re not careful, you’ll be spending your trip peeling in your hotel room. Bring lots of sunscreen and avoid the mid-day sun.
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Don’t Do Drugs

Don’t be fooled by the drug cartel characters in the movies. Mexico is not a place you want to be doing drugs. It’s very illegal and over there, their justice system goes “guilty until proven innocent”. You’ll be looking at about 25 if convicted, which will definitely expire your return ticket.
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Don’t Wait For The Waiter

You may be used to waiter in America ushering you out as fast as they can. But in Mexico, they’re happy if you stay in their restaurant the entire trip. To them, it just means more money. So don’t expect you waiter to bring you the bill. You’ll have to wave him or her down.
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