Here’s What Germaphobes Think On Planes

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Flying can be a scary thing. For most, it’s the turbulence or thought of crashing. But for some, some being germophobes, they have a whole host of fears on top of the aforementioned. While we can’t cure you of your neurosis, whe can provide some comfort in letting you know that others have exactly the same fearful thoughts as you. Just check out what other germaphobes are worried about when flying. Who knows, you may just have a good laugh and find yourself getting over it.
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“Ugh, it’s so cramped in here with all these nasty people breathing on me.” If you didn’t like people before – you hate them now.
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“Did that person just cough – and NOT cover their mouth!” Oh well, looks like I’ll be sick on my trip.
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“So how many filthy people have touched that filthy knob? Like, millions? It’s ok, I’ll hold it – for the next 12 hours.”
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“I can’t believe that person just passed me my complimentary orange juice with their fingers all over the rim of the cup. Forget it. I wasn’t thirsty anyway.”
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“What in the hell is that smell coming from the bathroom? I know there’s a toilet and all – but that doesn’t smell human!”
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“Doesn’t all deadly epidemics start in airports, just like they show in the movies?” If you saw Contagion with Gwyneth Paltrow – or a million other films with the same disease killing premise – they all start with that cougher in the airport getting on a plane.
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“Don’t forget to pack the hand sanitiz… oh, yeah… that’s right. No bringing liquids on board.” Yup, they’ll confiscate your only protection.
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“How do diseases travel from one continent to another? Oh yeah, on a plane… like this one. FML!”
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Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #1

Are you an airport people watcher? You can tell a lot about people by the stuff they carry around. Every suitcase has a story to tell. Take a minute to look around the luggage hall. What do you see? Can you pick the: Hoarders from the minimalists? Business travellers from the tourists? Frequent flyers from novices? Let's have a little fun. Have light-hearted look around to see what people check in or try to take onboard.

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