How Insane Is Dubai? Let’s Count All 18 Ways…

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Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is now one of those “bucket list” places people must cross off and see. For those that don’t know, and have this idea that traveling to an Arab country should be avoided like the plague (Thanks Trump) – it’s simply because they don’t know how westernized it is. In fact, it’s more than that. Dubai is like an island unto itself, as there’s nowhere else in the world to experience such extravagance and riches. Dubai isn’t the icing on the cake, it’s the 24-karat gold encrusted topping. There’s just so much to see, do, and experience and Dubai, we literally need about 18 pages to list them all. And, well guess what … you’re in luck as that’s exactly what we have for you here. We guarantee that by the time you’re done reading, you’ll have already booked your flight to Dubai!
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Super Car Traffic Jams

I believe we already told you how loaded Dubai is. Well just in case you didn’t believe us, here’s what your Typical rush-hour traffic jam looks like. Nothing but Italian made Ferraris, bumper to bumper. It’s the only traffic jam in the world you wouldn’t mind getting stuck in.
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Get Arrested In A Lamborghini

Ever wanted to know what it’s like to ride in a Lamborghini, but never got the chance? Well in Dubai, if you can’t afford to buy or rent one, try stealing one – and hope you get caught. Because when you break the law over there, the police take you away in a Lamborghini as that’s the official squad car of their police force.
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Withdraw Some Gold

Only in Dubai can you find yourself short on gold, go to an ATM, and withdraw some more. Now I don’t know why you’d need to take out physical gold while away on a trip, but apparently if you were interested in buying a white tiger, the handlers accept gold. Go figure.
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Play Some Sky Tennis

Everything in Dubai is over the top. Like, way over the top as in, over the top of every other building. Yes, if you’re looking to squeeze a couple of tennis matches in during your trip, you’ll literally be playing on cloud 9, as that’s how high the courts are.
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Starbucks Made For A King

You know your local Starbucks back at home? Well compared to Dubai, it’s like a complimentary water to a mocha frappuccino, as Starbucks in Dubai goes venti on the royal treatment. After all, they are serving royalty there. So take a seat on one of their thrones and enjoy the free Wi-Fi.
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Go To The Top Of Burj Khalifa

Did you know Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa? Well now you do. So why not take a trip up the 828 meter, 124 story building for a view of the world unlike no other.
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Eat Dinner at At.mosphere

At.mosphere is the Burj Khalifa’s 122nd floor 5-star restaurant. At $450 a plate, it’s a bit pricy, but see those little lights in the background? They’re skyscrapers. So both the food, and the view, are to die for.
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Shop at Diera Souks

Built in 1830, Diera Souks is in the heart of Dubai’s traditional market place and sells Gold Souks – the world’s largest gold bazaar and one of a kind gold jewelry. Visit here and you’ll quickly see how Dubai got the name “City of Gold.”
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Swim With Sharks at the Mall

Want to see the world’s largest indoor aquarium? Then head on over to the Dubai Mall where you can take a glass bottom boat on top of the aquarium, go snorkeling or diving in it, or even free dive along side one of its many sharks – if you dare!
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Stay in a 7 Star Hotel

When you think of luxury hotels, you often hear them ranked by stars – 5-stars for the most lux. But of course Dubai has to top that and construct the world’s only 7-star hotel. And how much exactly do 7-stars cost? $18,000 a night – that’s how much. But you can bet it’ll be the best stay in your entire life.
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Go Skiing in the Mall

If swimming with sharks isn’t your thing, then why not try some skiing in the mall instead? Heck, even if you’re not into skiing you can take a break from the blistering heat outside and enjoy the cool -4 degree celsius temperatures.
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Ferrari Pizza Delivery

Can’t get enough of the Ferraris in Dubai? Then order a pizza, and they’ll deliver it to you in one. The bonus here is that you can be sure your pizza is delivered within 30 minutes and never late!
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Bet on a Camel Race

Seeing all those Ferraris can make anyone want to take a break and slow down for a minute. And that’s what camel racing is for. When you feel like you need to take a break from all the speed, head to the races and bet on a camel or two.
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Jurassic Mall

Fancy yourself a bit of a paleontologist? Do you watch Jurassic Park on repeat back home? If so, then head back on over to the Dubai Mall to see the world’s only complete Diplodocidae Dinosaur Skeleton. The Diplodocidae was a massive 80 foot long, 25 foot high dinosaur. This one’s bones were found in Wyoming, and flown all the way to Dubai.
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Stay in the Tallest Hotel Room

Want to stay in the world’s tallest hotel room? Then hurry up and book your 69th floor suite at the JW Marriot Marquis Hotel today. There really is no better way to see Dubai that from the view of your own penthouse suite.
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Enjoy a Goat Milk Jacuzzi

Going to Dubai is all about pampering yourself. So when you’ve exhausted yourself with all the above mentioned luxuries, end the day in a relaxing goat milk jacuzzi. Heck, Cleopatra herself was said to bathe in one to keep her youth and beauty. It’ll cost you $450 per couple, but the body massage and private pampering after will make it more than worth it.
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Swim 8 Stories High

Ever wish you could swim and fly at the same time? I don’t know, I have that dream all the time. That’s why I want to stay at the Jumeriah Creekside Hotel, and swim in it’s infinity pool, 8 stories high above the guest lobby. You literally feel like you’re both swimming and flying all at once.
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See the Tallest Twisted Tower

Dubai has a bit of everything for everyone – even architecture fanatics. If you find yourself in awe every time you’re in front of an architectural masterpiece, then you need to find yourself in Dubai and visit the 75-story Cayan Tower. A twisted tower that houses 495 apartments with residents. It’s truly a building unlike any other.
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