How To Complain At The Hotel Front Desk

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Travel enough and you’re bound to run into issues. Be it at the airport, or hotel – eventually you’re likely to end up complaining about something. The front desk is the hub where all issues flow through. Complain the right way and you’ll achieve positive results. Do it wrong however, and you’ll end up with something to complain about on top of your complaint. The following is the best way to resolve any future issues you may run into on your next trip.
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Mind Your Manners

What’s the matter? Wi-Fi isn’t working? There’s not enough towels in your room? Here’s a tip – you attract more bees with honey than vinegar. In other words, be nice and your chances of getting that Wi-Fi, or towel, increases exponentially.
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Name Drop

If you find one of the staff is proving to be incompetent, get his or her name. Then complain to their manager. Putting a name to the source of the problem always gets your complaint to be taken more seriously.
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Be Precise

Saying you’re unhappy with the service or your room is too vague. You can’t fix what can’t be understood. So make sure you go into detail. Was the bathroom too dirty? Say it. Neighbors too noisy? If so, that’s what needs to be said.
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Don’t Title Drop

Sure, you may be the president of your company. But you’re not the president of the hotel. Come off too self-important, and it’ll be impossible for the staff to feel sorry for you. Be humble and you’re more inclined to draw their sympathies.
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Don’t Yank The Chain Too Quick

It’s all too tempting to go right up the chain of command, right to the head manager of the hotel. But try respecting the staff hierarchy first. You may even find the first in command is more agreeable than his or her boss that you’re demanding to speak to.
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Don’t Demand Freebies

Some people go way overboard when looking for compensation for their troubles. Sure the TV didn’t work in your room, but that doesn’t entitle you to a free 4-week stay for your next visit. Many hotels are pretty firm on their freebie policy. So it’s best to not try and demand too much.
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Put It In Writing

If you have multiple complaints, you’re best to write them down. Writing them down not only make your complaints specific, but also, makes sure none are left out. For the more troubles you’ve incurred, the more you may get for your troubles.
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Offer A Solution

Sometimes you’ll have a problem with no clear cut solution. For example, some hotel cleaning products make some people nauseas or sick. Here’s where you’ll want to ask them to switch to a more eco-friendly kind for a quick resolution.
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Just The Facts

When you’re frustrated, it becomes all too easy to exaggerate. Complaining to the staff that the room was filthy when it was mildly dusty won’t get you taken seriously. Neither will becoming overly emotional or flying off on tangents. Just stick to the facts for the sake of your credibility, and the desired results you want.
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Say Thank You

So you complained and got your way. Congrats! Now show your appreciation and thank the staff. Why? A. Because it’s courteous and the proper thing to do and B. There’s a good chance they’ll remember you should you decide to go back there for a visit.
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