How To Travel In Style

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So guys, you’ve got your business attire and off-duty wardrobe down pat. A closet full of suits, jeans, joggers and sweats – you’re good to go anywhere. Anywhere in the city in which you live, that is. But if you need to make a trip to Aspen, Paris, or wherever, you’ll need to pack a little differently. If your travel style game is weak, then gents, here’s the following things that belong in your suitcase.
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A Ski Jacket

You may not be hitting the slopes, but places like Paris and Aspen can get quite chilly. You don’t need something formal, mind you. A ski-jacket will keep you warm while looking cool. A piece like this by Moncler is a perfect option. Price: $1,760
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Wool Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are one of the most versatile, yet practical items you can bring. They’re perfect for that casual look, or dressing down an outfit paired with a blazer. But also, the extra pockets come in handy when you’re on the road. The one’s here by J. Crew are a great option. Price: $168
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Down Vest

Layering is key when you’re away. Should you end up in a place like Israel, you’ll know why. The weather there fluctuates quite wildly. So a down vest, like this one here by Snow Peak, is a no brainer to pack. Price: $280
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Fleece Shirt

This piece here is the ultimate hybrid piece. Made by Nanamica, it’s wind resistant and constructed from high-density cotton – which means it’ll keep you warm, but cool enough when you no longer need your jacket. Price: $290
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Colorblock Jacket

So far not a lot of color has been infused into this getaway wardrobe. But this colorblock jacket by Louis Vuitton adds warmth, along with some colorful flare at the very same time. Price: $1,540
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Urban Silence Pants

These pants by Paskho has a gusseted crotch – which is perfect for hikes and even climbs – as they’re ultra durable and comfortable. But the fact that they look like suit trousers make them totally versatile and easy to mix with other items in your travel wardrobe. Price: $250
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Travel Backpack

You can go away without having a backpack. It’s perhaps the most essential, and practical item you can bring – next to your pants of course. This one here by Ficouture is great for carrying your hiking gear, while looking modern and cool. Price: $295
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Merino Sweater

Merino wool is a must-have material, as it makes a great layering piece to keep you warm. This one by Patagonia in a slate grey will also keep you looking cool. Price: $129
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