Make It Your Resolution To Visit These Amazing Places This Year

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We’re already into 2016, how are your new year’s resolutions going so far? Specifically, did you make any travel ones? If you haven’t but wanted to, then we’ve got the must-see spots for you. Don’t save the following locations for your bucket list. Make sure you visit at least of couple of these spots this year, as they are truly to die for.
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Faroe Islands, Denmark

A true natural wonderland come to life, this Danish archipelago is made up of 18 tiny, yet stunning little islands. So beautiful in fact is the Faroe Islands, you’ll think you’re inside of a gorgeous painting. Don’t forget to try the high-end dining and partake in the Scandi music festivals when you go.
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Zion Park, Utah

Named Fordor’s Travel top pick for world destination in 2015, Zion National park is quite a site. There’s few places in the world you will find such amazing snowy mountaintops, sandy beaches, along with everything in-between. If you love national parks, this one will sure to be an adventure of a lifetime.
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Puerta Princesa, Phillippines

Sure it’ll be a 24-hour long flight. But the untouched beauty of Puerta Princesa’s beaches are more than worth it. Here you’ll find the most breathtaking swimming holes and sublime beaches the world over. Oh, and the food here – a real foodie’s dream.
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Havana, Cuba

After the end of its US embargo, Cuba’s tourism industry has seen substantial growth. There’s no time like now to experience the city’s capital, which is full of both luxury and adventure. And the nightlife in Cuba is second to none in the world.
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Sicily, Italy

The charm and laid-back culture of Sicily makes it a highly sought after destination spot. If you’re a wine lover, then you’re in for a real treat, as they’re known here for the most superb wines around. Italy doesn’t need a hard sell – everyone knows it’s beautiful here.
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Bavaria, Germany

Known best for Oktoberfest, Bavaria is also an historical sight to behold. Picturesque mountains, majestic castles, and of course, the beer – makes this German city a must-visit for 2016.
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Faz, Morocco

The oldest imperial city in the world, Fez is a blend of old-world charm mixed with the most opulent of luxury experiences. The real draw however is Fez el-Bali – the city’s oldest quarter, and sneak peek into Morocco’s ancient medieval history. Not only a history lovers dream, Fez is fantastic for anyone looking to get far away – and go even farther back in time.
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Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is the perfect alternative to the much pricier Hong Kong or Tokyo trip. It’s modern feel will make you think you’ve taken a trip into the future. And when you arrive, make sure to visit the many unique cafés, as they’re a real food lover’s delight.
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