Russia. Home Of The WTF???

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There’s no shortage of crazy in America. After all, it’s home to Donald Trump and Honey Boo Boo. But when it comes to really crazy stuff, America’s got nothing on Russia. Over there, some things are so crazy; you’d have to see it to believe it. Luckily, we have photographic evidence as to why Russia might just be the craziest place on earth.
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Russian Spider Man

Spider man, spider man, eats whatever he can … My god, I didn’t know spider man was Russian, or, grossly overweight. Maybe he’s climb his way up to Weight Watchers.
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So now I get why so many engineers come from Russia. Pretty clever move Ruskie. But don’t you know drinking and driving is illegal?
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Just Beat It

Either this person’s the biggest Michael Jackson Fan, or, hater. Sure, the king of pop is (was) scary, but no need to make a scarecrow out of him. Guess he’s trying to keep the little children away.
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Crappy Landscaping

Just look at this landscaping. What a dump! Wait, manure is good for grass right? I bet people can’t wait to “go” here.
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What A Dog

Look at him, cheating already. Unless, he’s marrying the canine bitch in this pic. I don’t know. When I see this photo, all I can think of is “Who let the dogs in? Who … who … who.”
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Tree House

I guess in Russia, home is wherever the hell you put it. I wonder though, which was there first – the house, or the tree? Or maybe, this is how they build tree houses over there in Russia.
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Baby Bath

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Grin And Bear It

This photo’s so crazy, I can hardly bear to look at it (pun intended). Clearly however, the driver can. I hope that thing has its seatbelt on.
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ATM (A Tall Machine)

This Russian ATM was designed for either A. NBA players, B. People who can jump really high, or C. People who like to keep their money out of reach.
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A Drop In The Bucket

If you’re planning on moving to Russian and looking for work, here’s a couple of jobs you may not want to take: 1. Janitor 2. Janitor 3. Janitor.
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