Skiing for All Levels. These Are the Best Ski Lodges

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The Holiday season will bring plenty of skiers. Here are the best ski lodges you should check out.

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Park City, Utah

In the U.S., it doesn’t get better than Park City, Utah. Park City is famously known for being the host venue of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The resort has over 19 lifts, and you can expect plenty of snow through these parts.
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Lake Louise Ski Resort

Alberta is home to the beautiful ski resort Lake Louise. This resort offers the best downhill skiing. The resort is also home to plenty of activities to keep you busy/entertained. This resort was host to the alpine events of the ’88 Winter Olympics.
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Copperhead Mountain

If you’re a beginner then head to Copper Mountain in Colorado. The resort has 985 hectares of skiable terrain. The resort is divided into levels that suit different skiers. Copper also is home to steep alpine terrains that can challenge even experts.
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Wolf Creek

This lodge is famously known for having little crowds. The lodge is also know for having plenty of soft powder to lash through. The area is typically visited by locals. Wolf Creek even has schools that will help you to improve in skiing.
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Zermatt, Switzerland

If you like traveling internationally, then consider checking out Zermatt. This area is known for its huge vertical drop. Additionally, Zermatt is known for its heavy snowfalls.
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Cortina, Italy

If you want another international location here’s Cortina, Italy. Cortina is home to the Dolomite Mountains. The Cortina center has snow rafting and tobogganing as well. This area was also the host to the 1956 Winter Games.
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Taos Ski Valley

New Mexico has something for expert skiers. The area has an annual snowfall of over 305 inches. Skiers have over 1,300 acres to challenge themselves.
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