Step Back in Time at These 10 Amusement Parks

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There are amusement parks all over the globe, but some of them will transport you to a different time period. Whether it’s vintage rides, old style snack huts or the ticket system, these amusement parks are a nice break from the huge modern ones. Check out these fantastic amusement parks and take a trip to a bygone era.

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Coney Island

This iconic amusement park in New York hails back to the turn of the century. It still retains its old world charm and has two rides that date back to the 1920s. The look and feel of the place will take you back in no time.
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Next time you visit Ligonier, Pennsylvania with your kids, check out this amusement park geared for the younger crowd. It got its start as a picnic area in 1878 and grew until it featured many rides that are still there today.
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In the tiny town of Lakeside, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, is the “Coney Island of the West,” which opened in 1908. Retro signs and decor promise a trip back in time as do the 40 vintage rides located inside the park.
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Indiana Beach

Located in Monticello, Indiana, this theme park dates back to 1926 when it was opened as a “beach” on Lake Shaefer. One step inside the bath house and you’ll feel like you’re in the 1920s. The vintage buildings and signs as well as the large ballroom and old world decor will take you back.
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Bay Beach

If you love the idea of paying tickets to ride the rides, this park in Bay Beach, Wisconsin is for you. Most cost only 1 ticket and tickets are only 25 cents each. This little park is fun for just a few dollars and will make you feel nostalgic while you’re there.
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Knoebel’s Grove

This park offers a free entrance fee and you can buy tickets for only the rides you want to ride. It’s located in Elysburg, Pennsylvania and has a wide range of adult and kid rides for your enjoyment.
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Lake Compounce

Located in Bristol, Connecticut, this amusement park is said to be the oldest continuously operating one in the United States. There are several antique rides and a vintage ballroom to satisfy your need to travel back in time.
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Family Kingdom

This classic style amusement park in Myrtle Beach has an old wooden coaster and a log flume. It also boasts historic bumper cars and a carousel from bygone eras. It’s perfect for families.
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Another Pennsylvania wonder, this amusement park might have some new coasters, but it also boasts many rides from its early days. Getting its start as a trolley park, Kennywood has been entertaining visitors for over 100 years.
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Located in New York, Playland was built in 1928 and still features seven of its original rides. The Art Deco style of the park is sure to make you feel like you took a time machine backward.
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