The 12 Best Packing Tips And Tricks

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Traveling can sometimes be stressful, and packing is one of the first triggers a lot of us deal with. Whether you’re going away for the weekend, or traveling for a month, you always want to avoid your clothes getting wrinkled, or breaking your bottle of perfume, or worst of all, losing your luggage at the airport. We’ve put together a list of the best tips and tricks for packing that will be sure to ease some of the stress!
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Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes is not only faster than folding, it will also maximize the amount of space you have and minimize wrinkling.
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Bra Stacking

By stacking your bras, you save on space, help maintain the bra shape, and you can even store your socks/underwear inside of cups!
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Shoe Covers

Unless it’s a brand new pair of shoes, you don’t want your dirty shoes touching all your clothes and other belongings. The best way to keep your possessions clean, it to cover your shoes in a bag or shower cap. Most hotels have shower caps which will work perfectly!
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Two Shirts For Every Bottom

To avoid overpacking, follow this simple rule. Bring two different tops, possibly a blouse and a sweater, for every one pair of pants. There is a better chance you will re-wear pants before tops anyways. Also, to keep things looking different, bring both dark wash and light wash jeans.
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Clothes Inside Out

Packing your clothes inside out is another great way to prevent clothes from winkling. You will also prevent any of your lighter colored clothes from getting dirty.
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Empty Tote

The best way to isolate your laundry is to keep it all in a spare tote bag. When you get home you just have to grab the bag and throw everything in the wash machine.
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Dryer Sheets

To keep your clothes smelling fresh while you travel, place dryer sheets on the bottom and top of your suitcase!
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Toiletries Bag

The best thing to keep all your toiletries in is a clear bag. This way you can prevent anything from leaking out in to your luggage plus you can see everything inside so you don’t tear the bag apart.
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Wires In Sunglasses Case

Don’t you just hate when your headphones get all tangled up? Roll them up nicely and place them in a space sunglasses case. It’s easy to access and won’t get messy. Do the same thing for your jewelry!
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Breakables In Socks

A nifty little trick to give your breakables, like perfume bottles, more security, is to place them in a sock!
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Maximize Your Space

Any extra space or pockets you can find makes great little storage areas for smaller objects. Stick things in your shoes for example.
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Heavy On Bottom

When you pack you have to consider how everything will move with your suitcase, especially when you have rolling luggage. Remember to keep the heaviest items packed at the bottom, near the wheels, of you bag. This way the weight will distribute more evenly.
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