The 12 Cheapest Travel Destinations For 2016 and Beyond

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Are you really craving a vacation but don’t have that much money? Travelling can always be super expensive, especially with all small expenses here and there before and after your trip. To ease your mind and your wallet, you can now travel, have an amazing vacation and still have a little bit of money left over when you return. Here are some of the top travel destinations for 2016.
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Northern Thailand

Northern Thailand has so many fun things to do for super cheap. You can try trekking in the jungle or enjoying a day with the elephants. Either way, accommodations and meals are uber cheap.
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Morocco is an up and coming travel destination and it definitely gives a taste of the Middle Eastern culture.
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Part of Eastern Europe, Croatia is a travel hotspot. With beautiful beach vacations and sapphire waters, you are sure to find no better place to relax and indulge.
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Nepal has so much to offer to that Western tourist. There is so much wildlife and you can definitely enjoy some eastern spicy food. Don’t forget, if you are there, it would be a good time to visit the Mount Everest base camp.
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Guatemala will give you taste of that Latin culture. Head to the jungle for a quite oasis or go to Antigua and learn some Spanish.
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Turkey is breathtaking. It has all the development riches of the West with the fine culture of the East. From the monasteries to the mosques and castles, you can go sight seeing for days.
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India is a must-see. There is the Taj Mahal to visit (of course). And if you visit in March, India hosts its annual Holi Festival where powdered color is spread around the streets.
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Bolivia has so many breathtaking landscapes and cities to visit. Although it is one of the poorer countries of South America, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have much to offer. You can visit the legendary salt deserts and visit the beautiful city of Sucre.
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Cambodia is filled with history and ancient temples. You can see Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm (where Tomb Raider was filmed).
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Vietnam has so much to offer. From treks in the north with the rice fields, to sand boarding in the south to jungle trekking in the centre, Vietnam has everything you adventure junkies want to do.
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Peru caters to tourism. It is a beautiful travel destination and holds to the ancient city of Macchu Pichu. You definitely want to reserve your space in advance as this travel hotspot is in high demand.
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Prague, Czech Republic

If you always wanted to go to Europe but didn’t have the chance, well now is the time. Prague is an amazing European city with crazy, cheap prices. You can visit Charles Bridge of the huge clock!
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Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #1

Air Canada is the national airline and the largest service provider in Canada. Its global presence is also quite strong, and the carrier has been ranked at number nine in the world on the basis of fleet size. This airline serves over 178 destinations all across the globe by operating more than 1500 flights every day.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #2

Planning a vacation might take you months and sometimes even years and when the time finally comes for you to go, you want to get the most enjoyable vacation ever. The choice of destination will largely determine the kind of experience you have and with so many possible destinations, you definitely must take time to select the best. You can get destination ideas online, but the final decision will really depend on your personal vacation preferences; you must think about the destination at a deeper level to choose the most suitable for your vacation.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #3

Many people love to explore the world during their vacation time, and with the advent of cheap flights and tailor-made holidays it has never been easier to find a break that will tick all the boxes and stay within your budget. Although there are many fascinating places to visit all round the globe, one destination that is sure to thrill travellers with all different tastes and interests is Mauritius.