The Creepiest Places You Can Travel

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Curious to know what the world would look like if there were a zombie apocalypse? Then check out these creepy images of abandoned places that the world has forsaken. From forgotten train stations, to discarded amusement parks, derelict housing projects, and ruined underwater cities – you’re about to see a real creep show. Although, there’s something rather awe-inspiring, beautiful even, about how Mother Nature can take back man’s handiwork after just a couple of decades of neglect.
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Maunsell Sea Forts

These small steel platforms that almost look like At-At walkers from Star Wars were built in England during WWII. Used mainly as armed lookout towers, they’ve been abandoned since the 1950s. Eventually some of the ended up being used as a base for pirate radio stations.
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Mirny Diamond Mine

Located in Russia, this Siberian open-pit was constructed during the Stalin era to supply the Soviet Union with industrial diamonds. That hole you see was dug back in 1955, and is the second largest man-made hole in the world. It’s over a mile wide and easily visible from space.
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Hotel del Salto

This Colombian Cliffside mansion was built in the 1920s. Back then, it was made for wealthy tourists and looked a whole lot more elegant than it does here. Now it just looks haunted. And, it probably is.
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Manteno State Mental Hospital

What could be creepier than an abandoned mental hospital. Well, if it were still occupied I suppose. Built in Illinois in 1927, this used to be home to over 8000 nut-jobs. And apparently, the military used it to perform a lot of experimental shock treatments and lobotomies too.
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Gulliver’s Kingdom

Does this one even need explaining? Look at how weird that creepy giant dead statue is! If you must see this place, it’s in Japan. And this abandoned theme park built in the 90s is proof that the Japanese can be pretty weird.
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Orpheum Theater

Located in New Bedford, Massachusetts, this theater opened its doors the same day the Titanic sank. April 15, 1912. It closed down in 1958 however, and has yet to see even a touch of refurbishing.
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Shi Cheng Underwater City

This ancient Chinese city used to be above sea level, back in 1368 when it was ruled by the Qing dynasties. It was purposely flooded in 1959 to create a dam and hydroelectric station, which ended up relocating about 300,000 people because of it. Today, divers from all over flock to see this underwater wonder.
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SS Ayrfield

Homebush Bay in Sydney, Australia is where ships come to die. SS Ayrfield was a decommissioned battleship built back in 1911. It was brought here to be broken into scrap metal, yet, remains fully intact to this day.
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St Agnes Church

Erected back in 1901, this church was once home to a thriving Detroit community. Today, that neighbourhood is struggling and doesn’t even have enough parishioners to fill a quarter of the seats. Where’s your god now Detroit?
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Wonderland Amusement Park

There’s something about amusements park that, while full of people look like the best place on earth, when empty, the scariest. This one in Beijing never even got to admit a single person, as financial problems halted all construction. Now it symbolizes how lofty ambitions can go horribly wrong.
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