The Hottest Singles Spots You’ve Never Heard Of

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Meeting other singles can be challenging. Where do you go? Check out these places to meet other singles!

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Skylark in Chicago

Sometimes you just need a night out of good local music. Skylark in Chicago is home to great live music with good tasting food/beer. Chances are your city has a similar place to lounge. Music always attracts a large number of singles.
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Bowling in Dallas

Bowling isn’t a place you think many singles go to, but it’s a thriving place for singles. The Dallas Design District is home to an incredible bowling alley. Cities across the globe have similar bowling alleys. Each brings a unique twist, some serve craft beer and have special events.
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The Woods in NYC

When you think of NYC, one thinks of a thriving night life. The Woods is not just a bar. It has plenty of places for you to interact with other singles. A dance floor, a large patio, and even a taco truck! Be sure to stop on by if you’re in NYC.
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Matchmaking Cafe in NYC

This cafe wants to match singles in NYC. The cafe wants singles to meet in person rather than having to meet online. Chances are there’s a cafe close to you where singles go for a fresh cup of brew. Matchmaking Cafe even has a blog and app.
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Wine Tasting in NYC

You can meet plenty of singles all while enjoying a fine glass of wine. The U.S. is home to plenty of wine tasting studios, including the Corkbuzz Wine Studio. This place is a restaurant, wine bar, and has a center of education.
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Standard Hotel Downtown Rooftop, LA

As you can imagine, this roof top is a place for singles to congregate. The roof top has a DJ that will no doubt get the crowd going. The rooftop even has a pool giving you an opportunity to lounge around with other singles.
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The Art Institute (Nationwide)

You don’t need to go to a bar/lounge to meet singles. If the crowded bar isn’t for you then the artsy scene of the Art Institute might be just for you. The museum is known for having some of the most famous pieces in the world. The museum hosts events and chances are you might bump into someone that’s single.
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