The Top Tips From Airline Employees

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Not everyone likes to fly. And little do some know, they’re making their flight worse by doing things that any airline employee would know better. So if you haven’t mastered the art of travel yet, then listen to what some airline employees have to say about the way you fly, and how to make your flight a more pleasant one.
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Dogs Aren’t Into Flying

If you’re going to bring your pet onboard, make sure it’s your cat. They’re totally cool and just sleep through the flight. Dogs on the other hand HATE flying. They even know well before you get on the plane what you have in store for them. So here’s a pro-tip, write your dog’s name on his carrier. That way flight attendants can at least talk to him to calm him down.
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Airplane Seat Trick

You know that aisle seat that has the armrest that can’t be raised? Well, as annoying as it is, it’s not true. There’s a small button in a divot on the underside of the armrest, that when pressed, lifts the armrest to give you more space. Enjoy the extra arm room.
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Bathrooms Don’t Really Lock

Little did you know that there’s a small hidden latch inside the lavatory sign on the bathroom door that will release the lock when pulled. Just a little FYI to keep in mind the next time you’re in there.
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Airline Employees Fly Cheap

If you ever wished to fly for cheap, I mean really cheap, you might want to consider dating an airline employee. They get massive discounts on all flights, allowing them to travel wherever they want for next to nothing. For example, a round trip between Europe and Japan cost them less than $200 USD in business class!
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Pilots Eat Different Meals

Did you know that the pilot and co-pilot are served two different meals. Why? To prevent both of them of getting food poisoning, on the off chance that both meals are contaminated. Given how bad airline food is though, those odds aren’t bad.
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Flight Attendants Have Secrets

Little do passengers know, but flight attendants keeps a list of who’s who, and what seat you’re in. They keep track of who’s rude, who’s nice, and whose luggage to nick if you’re being too difficult. Just a friendly FYI for you.
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Be Nice

Ever heard the expression “It’s nice to be nice to the nice” before? If not, apply that here. Flight attendants make an effort to start out nice, but become rude, and they’ll ignore your request for that extra pillow, peanuts, to get that child behind you to stop kicking, or replacing that kosher meal you didn’t order, but got.
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Pilots Aren’t Paid Well

Did you know your pilot is paid so low, many of them are on food stamps. Sadly, they make only 19K a year. So show a bit of respect and gratitude for those that have your life in their hands, but are paid so little for it.
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Oxygen Is Limited

It’s a good piece of info to know that should the cabin depressurize, there’s only 12 minutes of oxygen available from the air masks. So in the event of an emergency, don’t panic, and make sure you take deep but slow breaths.
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Tickets Deals On Certain Days

Looking for a deal on tickets and your not related or married to an airline employee? Then you should know that the cheapest time of all to buy a ticket is on a Tuesday in the afternoon. Don’t ask why. You’ve been given enough juicy nuggets to go on here.
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