These Pictures Prove The World Is Meant To Be Traveled

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” Helen Keller. Nothing could be truer, especially when said of about travel. You have to visit a place to really feel it. No pictures, or videos can do it justice. But since we can’t physically transport you to the beauties of this world, these Smithsonian award-winning pictures will just have to do. And hopefully, inspire you to get out there and feel them live and in-person for yourself.
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Everyone In The Pool

A trip to New York is a must. But aside from the shopping, the restaurants, the hustle and bustle lays a little tiny upright pool in the middle of Rockefeller center. As amazing as the skyscrapers are, it’s the art in the world that makes you wonder.
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A Train Of Their Own

In the busy streets of Mumbai – the biggest suburban network anywhere in the world – the women are segregated to their very own train that carries them to and from work.
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A Light In The Night

In the depths of Yellowstone park, it gets pitch black at night. Except when the fireflies synchronize, creating one of nature’s most illuminating natural phenomena.
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When volcanoes erupt (like Mount Sinabung here in North Sumatra, Indonesia), nature instantly humbles you with its amazingly fierce power.
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Under Pressure

A trip to Juneau, Alaska may not be your thing, but if you can brave the cold, you’ll get to see one of nature’s most majestic creations – the Mendenhall Glacier. As we all know, the ice caps are melting, and scenes like this won’t be here for long.
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They’re Feline It

In a little villa in Rome, a cat overcomes all obstacles just to be with his true love.
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Monkey On The Edge

In the midst of a cold front in the Nagano prefecture, this little Japanese monkey belonging to Jigokudani Monkey Park sits and waits, shivering patiently, for the cold to pass.
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Sex On The Beach

In South Florida, go during the turtles mating season and you will see the fruits of their labors inching their way towards the water to continue the cycle of life.
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Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #1

Thailand may be known for its flamboyant beaches and full moon parties, but its northern section offers something different to adventurous travelers. Northern Thailand features a lush landscape adorned with rice paddies, forested mountains, valleys and rivers.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #2

One thing that many families love to do every year is get away on a family break. This is not only the chance to spend some quality time together, but also the opportunity to broaden horizons by travelling abroad or to a new part of the country. Whether your family wants to relax or want to explore, a vacation is the perfect time to do these activities.

Travel & Leisure Tip/Fact #3

After planning your vacation, holiday or trip, you book your flight and then look forward to the travel date. If you are a wise traveler, then you definitely want to save some money as you travel, but still enjoy the best services possible. Flight comfort is very important and you definitely want to look at the quality you will get from the airline that you fly.