Traveling to NYC? Here are 10 Attractions Tourists MUST Visit

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A trip to New York City obviously includes seeing the Statue of Liberty and Times Square, but there’s more to this fabulous city than that. Check out these fabulous attractions that you might not have heard of before.

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This place has been around since 1910 and is the site of the Sakura Matsuri Festival. Most people don’t add this to their itinerary, but you’ll be glad you did.
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Corona Park

If history is what you love, this attraction has remnants of the 1964-1965 World’s Fair, including the Unisphere, which made an appearance in the movie “Men in Black.”
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South Street Seaport

In the midst of the skyscrapers, it can be hard to remember that New York City is on the water in certain areas. This seaport is home to shopping and a fleet of historic ships.
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Astoria Park Pool

This public pool is one of the largest in the United States and is underneath the RFK Bridge.
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The Bushwick Starr

This out of the way theater is where many up and coming talents stage their shows here. There are only 60 seats so get your tickets early.
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Forbidden Planet

For the superhero in you, this fantastic store is chock full of comics, toys and collecter’s items.
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Governors Island

This traffic-free island is perfect for riding your bike or taking a stroll. It’s just a short ferry ride over to get there.
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If you happen to be in New York City at the end of May or in the middle of July, you can catch the sun setting perfectly between the buildings in Manhattan.
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Morbid Anatomy Museum

See taxidermy, death masks and other macabre exhibits at this musuem dedicated to all things death and dying.
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Peter Pan Bakery

For inexpensive treats and a walk back to the 1950’s, you don’t want to miss the Peter Pan Bakery.
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