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If you had to pick a city to be the capital of the world, it’d have to be New York. The Big Apple. The city that never sleeps. New York is one of the most amazing cities in the world, and because of this, is the backdrop to many a famous Hollywood film. The following films were shot in New York, and the locations are a definite must-see on your next trip there.
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The Seven Year Itch

The 1955 Billy Wilder comedy was never about Marilyn Monroe. It was about that restless feeling that attacks men deep into marriage. But all that people really remember about the film is that iconic shot of Marilyn with the breeze from the subway gate on 586 Lexington blowing her skirt up high.
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The Godfather

In the film The Godfather, the city of New York is just as important as main character, Michael Corleone. New York played host to many locations throughout the films. If you’re a fan of the films, it’s worth checking out which New York spots were in them.
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Do The Right Thing

If New York has an ambassador, it’s none other than famous filmmaker Spike Lee. He shot his controversial film Do The Right Thing right here in Brooklyn. There’s even a street in Brooklyn named after the film.
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Woody Allen’s films are basically all shot in New York. In fact, looking back on his films, one could say Woody Allen’s entire career was like a love note to New York. But the scene where he and Diane Keaton fall onto a park bench that overlooks the 59th Street Bridge is by far the most memorable.
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It’s hard to visit New York and not come upon a spot used in the film Ghostbusters. There’s the Tavern on Green. The New York Public Library. Times Square. Columbia University. But most of all, there’s the firehouse just a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Franklin Street Station.
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Death Wish

Perhaps the most iconic action film ever made, New York can be seen all throughout the film Death Wish. The most famous spot of course is Riverside Park, where vigilante Paul Kersey shoots down three assailants.
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Remember that big floor piano in the movie Big that Tom Hank’s played with his feet? That was at FAO Schwartz’s flagship store in New York, and is still open for guest to play today. That’s almost worth the visit to this great city alone!
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When Harry Met Sally

Remember that iconic fake orgasm scene performed by Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally? Well if you’ve been alive since 1990, you must. That scene was shot in the famous Katz’s Deli. A deli so good, the line-ups are out the door, daily.
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Night At The Museum

Spoiler alert: the actual interiors of the famous American Museum of Natural History were not used in the film Night at the Museum. This was likely to avoid any potential damage to this landmark site. But, you’ll be glad to know the interiors were recreated faithfully, so if you’re planning a trip, what you saw in the film is what you get.
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Central Park

Don’t think one favorite film of yours is enough to make the trip to the Big Apple? Then just go right to the source – Central Park. It’s the backdrop to a whole host of films. Films such as: Elf, The Avengers, Sex in the City, Get Him to the Greek, Two Weeks Notice and Almost Famous. Visit Central Park and you’re sure to be struck with déjà vu of many of your favorite films, just simply by walking through it.
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